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The first major survey text on interior design for over a decade, A History of Interior Design delivers the inside story on 6,000 years of personal and public space. John Pile acknowledges that interior design is a field with unclear boundaries, in which construction, architecture, the arts and crafts, technology, and product design all overlap.

Of course, the history of civilization, and how interior design evolved along with it, is more varied than this brief history can cover. What great traditions in other cultures not represented here have made an impact as to how we approach good design in the 21st Century? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section of this post. Cheers, Rob.

A Brief Timeline of Interior Design Movements. These principles can be seen in the Saarinen table and Saarinen chair we sell on our site. Art Deco 1910 - 1940: This movement was a fusion of many early 20th century design styles such as Constructivism, Cubism, Modernism, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, and Futurism. It reached the height of its popularity in the 1920s.

In the first years of the seventeenth century, the principles of the Italian Renaissance gave shape to interior design everywhere but England, which had estranged itself from Italy and the rest of Catholic Europe in 1536, when Henry VIII renounced the pope's authority. Italian features came to England at second hand, however, through objects, books, and artists from the Netherlands.

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A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. Interior Design Timeline created by jessiejessie. 200. Rome Influence 200 B.C. - 400 A.D. 500. Greece Influence Fifth Century B.C. History of The Washing Machine.

Interior Design Timeline Visual.ly
The History of Interior Design Visual.ly
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