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For large additions, whole-house renovations, and new kitchens, you should consider hiring an architect or design professional to help plan the project. A design pro can make sure the esthetic considerations meld with the structural requirements of the project and that the space is both liveable and aesthetically pleasing.

Transfer your rough sketch of the room onto graph paper, using a ruler (a triangle or T-square can also be used) to make straight lines. On paper, 1 square inch equals 1 square foot of floor space. A common rule of thumb to figuring out the new room's total wall area is to multiply the length of the room by the width of the room.

A Modern Spin on a Home Addition Article Instead of adding a room onto their home, Celestino Piralla and Cornelia Stumpf added a modular 320 square-foot structure that functions as an office with mid-century modern design.

Finding The Perfect Home Addition Plan in 4 Steps 1. Select Category. 2. Browse All Available Plans. 3. Go Back For More Ideas. 4. Repeat Until Complete.

This video will provide you with a few illustrations and three-dimensional images on how you can attach the roof framing for a home addition to an existing house with a sloped roof.

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BDA Architecture :: Veterinary Hospitals :: Renovation
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