How To Design Interior Lighting

Serge Mouille Lighting: Floor Lamps, Sconces and Chandeliers

Lighting Design - This lighting design course will enable you to become a lighting designer and design interior lighting designs for interior projects of all shapes & sizes.

Yes, apparently the light fixture doesn't matter so much, what does matter is the light bulb you put inside the light fixture. For example, if you have a 120v light you can use any light fixture as long as you can screw in a 120v light bulb, and if you have a 12v light, you can use any light fixture as long as you can screw in a 12v light bulb.

Wall sconces or pendant lights on either side of the bathroom mirror paired with a vanity light above create the perfect ambient/task light combo. The sconces provide cross-illumination, making activities like applying make-up, shaving or flossing much easier. Recessed lighting works well to light a shower or water closet.

Interior Design Home Lighting and Decoration. Designing your home lighting is often left to the last minute, everyone is tired and just want to get the job finished and unfortunately hasty decisions are often made, with a lot of regret.

Design Rules, Lighting, Episode 3 of 6, BBC, 2003. Narrated by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The playlist:

First, you'll need to create a plan that will fulfill your general lighting needs. To light your home properly, add the three layers of home lighting―ambient, task, and accent. Continue to 2 of 4 below.

Serge Mouille Lighting: Floor Lamps, Sconces and Chandeliers
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