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before & after: tokyo “mansion” apartment – Design*Sponge

Japanese Interior Design Small Spaces. Visit. Discover ideas about Modern Japanese Interior. March 2019. K/O Design Studio are shortlisted in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014 The small tatami room, connected to a larger living space, is a contemporary version of an old Shion

But as cities become more urbanized and more crowded, living spaces become smaller. Making the most out of a small apartment has become a real and constant challenge. Fortunately for us mere mortals, many designers have mastered the art of transforming interiors that turn tiny living spaces into big, functional homes.

Laneway Studio is a small space filled with nooks and crannies and cuteness throughout, with a brass light fixture to add a dollop of class, aluminum exterior walls and roofing for that rustic appeal, while Australian Hoop Pine found within the interior plywood walls, sliding doors, windowsills adds a natural element. Continue reading →

It has a tiny floor plan which makes great use of space and has an organized and space-saving design. The exterior of the house is modern and simple, very sleek and with no overhangs. It has a very small interior but it has the basic elements. It has a kitchen area, a cozy This Japanese

Japanese Interior Design for Small Spaces It is likely that Japan wrote the book on small spaces. With so much of the main island uninhabitable because of the mountainous terrain, people tend to congregate and live in the major cities.

2) Soaking Tubs Are Important in Japanese Interior Design. The serene sounds of water bubbling will fill your meditative ears and immediately have a calming effect. Just like plants, elements of water are imperative in the Japanese home. Ofuro, translated as bath in Japanese, is a tranquil tradition that is well-worth adding to your home. Japanese soaking tubs are small, deep tubs that usually have some sort of bench seat.

before & after: tokyo “mansion” apartment – Design*Sponge
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