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Net Zero Energy Homes Fibertec Fiberglass Windows

ZeroEnergy Design is a green architect and mechanical design firm - focused on green home design, modern houses, Passive House architecture, LEED homes, contemporary architecture, zero energy homes, and residential buildings.

How to build a Net Zero home. The road to net zero is to first design a house that conserves energy. A small home is and efficient home. It uses less materials in construction, there is less waste, and it takes less energy to run and maintain.

Prefabricated homes conjure up images of uninspired architecture, but Simpatico Homes is constructing sustainable houses out of factory-built modules that are beautifully designed. SmartPlanet's

Net Zero Ready House Plans. Homes built from Net-Zero Ready Home Plans can produce as much energy as they use. When equipped with a photovoltaic solar array, a Net-Zero Energy Home's electricity meter spins one way while consuming power, and spins the other way when producing power. The net result is a zero or near zero electricity bill.

A Net Zero Home produces as much energy as it consumes and is up to 80% more energy efficient than a home built to conventional standards. With a Net Zero Home, your utility bills will fall to an all-time low, and stay low all year round. A Net Zero Home protects you from future increases in energy prices.

Zero energy, or net zero, homes are a relatively new option in the housing market. This type of home produces as much energy as it consumes, with the help of solar panels and other kinds of energy generators. Husband and wife team Mitchell Spence and Tiffany Ivins founded Living Zenith, Utah's first community of net zero homes. The couple also founded Redfish Builders, the company that designed and built Living Zenith.

Net Zero Energy Homes Fibertec Fiberglass Windows
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